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How does User Experience Monitoring Work?

Tasks, not views

Users come to your website to get something done.

Your monitoring should be aligned with that.

We'll show you what users are trying to accomplish, not just what pages they visit.

Thinking in terms of your users success means you'll always be on their side.

Being on their side means you're positioning your site for success.

Paths, not funnels

Users choose their own paths. They won't always follow funnels

We'll show you how users are getting to your task, and where they are dropping off the site.

That way you can focus on where to make changes to help them accomplish their tasks.

Page experience

Page speed has an impact on how users interact with your site.

A slow load might cause them to abandon the shopping cart.

A fast load might mean the difference between bounce and successful checkout.

We'll show how page speed is affecting your users.

Everything in terms of the user

Not all metrics are created equal!

For example, some error counts may look alarmingly high, but don't actually affect users.

We'll show you what matters so that you can focus on the tasks that have the most impact for your users.

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