Supercharge your website

Do you need to supercharge your website?

Web performance matters - fact! If you’ve made it to this page, then you probably already know why speed matters. You may however be wondering how you can speed up your website in order to better retain users and improve conversions.

Introducing BytesMatter Overdrive!

We’re building that rocket ship for you! Our team is hard at work building BytesMatter Overdrive! Overdrive is a smart CDN that optimises your website for you IN REAL TIME! This means a better experience for your users! It also helps improve your Google search ranking!

BytesMatter Overdrive automatically speeds up your website by smartly optimising the way your website code, javascript, css, and images are delivered to your user’s browser. All you have to do is point your DNS at our servers and we do the rest!

Optimisations include:

  • minifying javascript, css, and HTML
  • optimising the delivery and loading of javascript and css
  • optimising image size and format for browsers
  • optimising the loading of images for a smooth user experience
  • caching static content closer to users so that it is available faster