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Why use BytesMatter?

A window to user experience

Keep track of page loads as real users see it.

Find bottlenecks with powerful filters to inspect all aspects of web performance.

See how many users leave your site when your site is slow to load!

Monitor Core Web Vitals from real user data

Gauge standard page load metrics, ajax calls and errors.

Measure Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift in real time from real users.

Works for Single Page Applications

We use the concept of "screen transitions" for single page applications.

Find out more about how our beacon works on our Single Page Applications page.


Drill down to any Page Load metrics and Core Web Vitals metrics to see the waterfall, session and timing summary.

Uncover clientside errors on your website, at individual page level.

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Don't know where to start fixing? The new Take Action focuses on actionable fixes for a better user experience.

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